Read the full article on 5 Android Offline Games You Must Try

Read the full article on 5 Android Offline Games You Must Try, there are tons of great Android offline games that you can play without an internet connection. Are you looking for a challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours or something more relaxing and enjoyable? Read on for some of the best recommended games to try in this article

It is undeniable that playing games is an activity that is liked by many people, as well as the people of Indonesia. According to a survey, there are 52 million people who consistently play games with an age range of 26-37 years. This also does not escape the continued development of Android phones on the market.

Now Android phones are not only a means of communication. In order to meet market demand, mobile phone manufacturers are competing to present gadgets with various features and specifications that are suitable for playing games. Among the many options, you can choose which one will be your favorite Android phone.

Most games on mobile phones require internet connectivity. At least the connectivity will be used to update, download features, to allow you to play with other players online.

However, we are not always connected to the internet but still need entertainment through games. For that, Read the full article on 5 Android Offline Games You Must Try.

Read the full article on 5 Android Offline Games You Must Try
Read the full article on 5 Android Offline Games You Must Try

Best Offline Games Android Recommendations

1. Minecraft
Computer users are certainly no stranger to this one game. Minecraft is a game that is loved by players of all ages. How not, this game can be played at will and rely on each other’s creativity.

Now this game can be played through your Android phone. However, you need to spend a little money to be able to download this mobile version of Minecraft, which is Rp. 109,000 on the Play Store. Basically, the gameplay for Minecraft Mobile is not much different from the PC version. Players can still move characters, create buildings, and interact via the D-pad. However, its size that is adapted for mobile phones means that some features you might not find.

2. GRID Autosport
It turns out that not only PC games have good graphics quality. GRID Autosport is one of the mobile racing games with amazing graphics. You can feel the excitement by buying this game for Rp. 39,900 on the Play Store. This game is even more exciting because you can play it even without an internet connection.

Players are also given the freedom to choose various types of races, from circuits, dusty tracks, to urban streets. This game requires at least 2.5 GB of storage space on your phone.

GRID Autosport offers more than 100 cars and 100 different circuits. Players will easily find their favorite car manufacturers such as McLaren, Nissan, BMW, and many more. The game also offers a different level of difficulty for each car, so you need to take your own approach to controlling a car.

3. Grand Mountain Adventure (GMA)
The next recommended game is Grand Mountain Adventure which is a snow skiing game on mobile. This game itself adapts the PS1/PS2 version which was popular at that time.

There are many Best Free Android Games that you can play, including Grand Mountain Adventure which you can download for free. The game has been downloaded 5 million times and is getting pretty good reviews with a rating of 4.3 stars and will use 526 MB of memory.

To make it more interesting, the developer of this game also provides some world famous snow ski spots. Call it like Pinecone Peaks in America, Ben Alilig in Scotland and the Fairview Mountains in Canada which are indeed places for ski championships in the real world.

4. Limbo
This Limbo game is quite popular among Xbox users. Those who have heard of it, of course know that Limbo is an exclusive game on the console. However, a few years later the developer of this game also released an Android version.

By spending IDR 49,900 on the Play Store, you can enjoy this horror genre game. This game is mysteriously designed and aims for players to solve puzzles where the game and story are presented.

In addition, the impression of horror is felt even more because the colors used are only 2, namely black and white. Then, in the Limbo game you also won’t hear voices and texts that can help you finish the game. Very mysterious, huh?

5. Pocket City
Do you like strategy and simulation games? Then Pocket City can be a choice of games that you can play via Android phones. This game is similar to SIM City or City Skylines which is a game

The best Android Games 2022

The best Android games 2022, the best Android games cover a lot of ground. Whether you’re looking for adventure games, arcade titles, puzzlers, or racers, there’s something for just about any taste. And, while there are quite a lot of options out there, not all of them are that great. To help you, we’ve tested, rated, and rounded up our top picks here so you can skip those fumbled console ports and boring puzzle games for some amazing touchscreen titles.

We’ve also taken a look at these games to see where cost is involved since some might have that free sticker on their Google Play Store page but require an in-app purchase to truly unlock the game. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know so that you’re aware that the game is not really free.

Go ahead and check out The Best Android Games 2022, separated into the genres that people are playing right now, including strategy, puzzle, racing, arcade, and more. You’ll surely find the next title to play on your smartphone, even if you’re not rocking a gaming phone. And, don’t forget to bookmark this page since we’ll have a new game up every month.

Android game of the month : Night Skate
Night Skate is an endless runner, featuring a skateboarder who likes to perform after the sun goes down. At first, it comes across like a basic effort, where you tap the screen to avoid hazards. But when you latch on to the combo system, Night Skate takes off.

Through careful timing, you’ll figure out how to bound from object to object, avoiding birds and jumping on street lights, your score blazing upward as you do so. It’s intoxicating – and although you’ll be crestfallen when a blunder results in a game-ending plummet down a hole, Night Skate’s short sessions mean you’ll immediately want another go.

With its premium feel (new levels are unlocked by your scores, not IAP) and the lovely old-school visuals, Night Skate is, as skaters might put it, gnarly.

The best Android Games 2022
The best Android Games 2022

Some Of The Best Racing Games For Android Games

  • Tabletop Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing: World Tour is a high-speed racer that has you guide tiny cars around circuits made from comparatively massive household objects. It’s like the offspring of Micro Machines and Mario Kart. Races are extremely competitive, and find you fending off crazed opponents by way of cunning maneuvers and unsportsmanlike weapons, in a mad dash to the finish line.

Although there are opportunities to upgrade your vehicle to better compete on tougher tracks, World Tour is devoid of IAP. Instead, it’s your skills that will see you take checkered flags – and end up with enough cash to buy swanky new cars.

With simple but responsive controls, this Android game is a breath of fresh air on a platform where arcade racing is often as much about the depth of your wallet as your skills on the track.

  • GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is a racer, but also a challenge to Android gamers complaining they never get premium titles, and that freemium fare comes packed with ads and IAP. This is a full-on ad-free premium AAA hit, transferred intact to your phone (assuming your phone can run it – see the list on the game’s Google Play page).

Even on PC and consoles, GRID Autosport was impressive stuff on its release. Five or so years on, it’s no less astonishing as a mobile title, as you blaze around 100 circuits, battling it out in a huge range of cars.

This is, note, a simulation. It won’t go easy on you, or allow you to smash through walls at top speed and carry on as though nothing’s happened, but driving aids help you master what’s without a doubt the finest premium racing experience on Android.

  • Repulze

Repulze exists in a future beyond racers driving cars far too quickly; instead, they’re placed in experimental hovercraft that belt along at insane speeds. Track design’s traditions have also been ditched, flat courses being replaced by roller-coaster-like constructions that throw you around in stomach-churning fashion.

The game’s split into three phases. It begins with time trials that have you pass through specific colored gates, and ends with you taking on AI opponents, occasionally – and unsportingly – blowing them up with weapons.

There’s a sci-fi backstory about synthetic men and corporations, but really this one’s all about speed. At first, the twitchy controls will find you repeatedly smashing into tracksides and wondering if someone should take your hovercraft license away. But master the tracks and controls alike, and Repulze becomes an exhilarating experience as you bomb along toward the finish line.

  • Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 brings console-style rally racing to Android. For quick blasts, you can delve into single rally mode, with a co-driver bellowing in your ear; or there’s the grinding metal of rallycross, pitting you against computer cars apparently fueled by aggression. If you’re in it for the long haul, immerse yourself in a full career mode.

None of those options would matter a jot if the racing wasn’t up to much. Fortunately, it’s really good. The game looks the part, with very smart visuals and viewpoints, whether belting around a racing circuit or blazing through a forest.

The controls work well, too, providing a number of setups to accommodate a range of preferences (tilt; virtual buttons) – and skill levels. All in all, it’s enough for the game to get that coveted checkered flag.

  • Horizon Chase

If you’re fed up with racing games paying more attention to whether the tarmac looks photorealistic rather than how much fun it should be to zoom along at insane speeds, check out Horizon Chase. This tribute to old-school arcade titles is all about the sheer joy of racing, rather than boring realism.

The visuals are vibrant, the soundtrack is jolly and cheesy, and the racing finds you constantly battling your way to the front of an aggressive pack.

If you fondly recall Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge and Top Gear, don’t miss this one. (Note that Horizon Chase gives you five tracks for free. To unlock the rest, there’s a single £2.29/US$2.99 IAP.)

  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Anyone expecting the kind of free-roaming racing from the console versions of this title are going to be miffed, but Need for Speed: Most Wanted is nonetheless one of the finest games of its kind on Android. Yes, the tracks are linear, with only the odd shortcut, but the actual racing bit is superb.

You belt along the seedy streets of a drab, gray city, trying to win events that will boost your ego and reputation alike. Wins swell your coffers, enabling you to buy new vehicles for entering special events.

The game looks gorgeous on Android and has a high-octane soundtrack to urge you onwards. But mostly, this one’s about the controls – a slick combination of responsive tilt and effortless drifting that makes everything feel closer to OutRun 2 than typically sub-optimal mobile racing fare.

  • Riptide GP: Renegade

The first two Riptide games had you zoom along undulating watery circuits surrounded by gleaming metal towers. Riptide GP: Renegade offers another slice of splashy futuristic racing, but this time finds you immersed in the seedy underbelly of the sport.

As with the previous games, you’re still piloting a hydrofoil, and racing involves not only going very, very fast, but also being a massive show-off at every available opportunity.

If you hit a ramp or wave that hurls you into the air, you’d best fling your ride about or do a handstand, in order to get turbo-boost on landing. Sensible racers get nothing.

The career mode finds you earning cash, upgrading your ride, and probably ignoring the slightly tiresome story bits. The racing, though, is superb – an exhilarating mix of old-school arcade thrills and modern mobile touchscreen smarts.

  • Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing is a frenetic top-down racer that finds tiny vehicles darting about claustrophobic circuits that twist and turn in a clear effort to have you repeatedly drive into walls. The cars handle more like remote control cars than real fare, meaning that races are typically tight – and easily lost if you glance away from the screen for just a moment.

There’s a ton of content here – many dozens of races set across a wide range of environments. You zoom through ruins, and scoot about beachside tracks. The AI’s sometimes a bit too aggressive, but with savvy car upgrades, and nitro boost usage when racing, you’ll be taking more than the occasional checkered flag.


THE BEST CARD GAMES ON PC 2022?, It is not a question we would have been asking a few years ago, when some basic ports of paper-based systems and some minigames in larger titles were all we had access to.

Now, there are heaps of games like Hearthstone vying to be among the best card games on PC – it is one of the quickest growing genres in the industry. The best card games offer players a rich and constantly shifting meta, potentially limitless replayability, and are approachable to boot – so it is not hard to see why card games have taken off in recent years.

What that means is somebody (us) needs to lay down the objective truth (subjective opinion) on which are THE BEST CARD GAMES ON PC 2022 (the ones we enjoy the most). We will cover everything from the biggest player in the genre today (you will never guess which that is), the best ports from paper, the up-and-comers you might not have heard of, and some of the best free card games out there.



Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the best digital versions of Magic to date, and Magic is arguably the best paper card game around. Arena offers many of the gameplay possibilities and formats of classic Magic, one of the most popular trading card games, but with the sensory cues and lavish animations many newly converted CCG players have come to expect thanks to games like Hearthstone.

Magic: The Gathering Arena will appeal to veteran Magic players looking for a more comfortable and convenient space to ply their trade, but also CCG players who are after more challenge and complexity than digital card games like Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Gwent can offer. Check out our guide on how to play MTG Arena if you’re interested in giving it a go.

League of Legends fans rejoice, Riot Games has a frontrunner to be one of the best card games about. We’ve created a guide on how to play Legends of Runeterra if you want to get your head around the game.

Although Legends of Runeterra is similar to other card games in a lot of ways, including dividing the cards into regions and having playable champions – the Legends of Runeterra card abilities, effects, and keywords all offer something unique to the game. To get you started, check out the best Legends of Runeterra decks, as well as a complete ranking of all the champions with our Legends of Runeterra tier list.

Inscryption is a roguelike deck builder and psychological horror game, built on a twisted and sinister narrative told through talking cards and mysterious challengers sat on the other side of the table. Starting out in a remote cabin, you slowly build up a deck of woodland creatures and learn the rules of the game – you can sacrifice your weaker cards for blood, and use the blood to place other, more powerful cards against your opponent.

Inscryption doesn’t get bogged down in rules, either, and the story sweeps you along in waves of short matches. Working your way through different acts, you desperately try to piece together Inscryption’s fragmented and chilling narrative – placing cards, scouring video archives, pulling out teeth, and running through a labyrinth of crazed computers – is all a part of Inscyption’s relentless menace, which makes it one of the best indie games on PC.

This gruelling deck building roguelike game has you scrambling up its titular spire – battling hordes of enemies as you go. Should you perish, you’ll find that the tower is a different place when you return, packed with different foes and obstacles. Whether or not that’ll work to your advantage, however, is another thing entirely. One thing it does allow you to do is experiment with different cards and chance upon various relics to give your deck a jolt.

In our Slay the Spire review, Ali mentions that “Slay the Spire’s simple gameplay masks a devilishly complicated game. Synergies and counters are woven so finely together that it’s often difficult to tell which is which. A single card can appear to break a deck apart, only for a relic to stick it haphazardly back together. A triumphant run can come to a dramatic halt as an uncaring boss casually sends you tumbling to the bottom of the tower.”

Monster Train is a deck building roguelike in the same vein as Slay The Spire. There are five demon clans to choose from, each with their own theme and playstyle; you choose two of these to form your deck with, one primary clan and one secondary clan. Hell has frozen over, and your job is to transport the last burning Pyre to the depths of hell, fighting heaven’s soldiers on your way. Your train has three floors, and the precious Pyre is at the top – you must defend it from attacking angels who move up a floor each round until you take them out, adding a tower defence element to each battle.

Between encounters, you can decide which way to steer your train, allowing you to take the path with the best bonuses for your strategy. You can also upgrade and duplicate your cards in search of a killer combo. There’s even a fast paced, real time competitive multiplayer if you’re up to the challenge.

12 Real Money Making Games, Official, Proven Paying 2022

12 Real Money Making Games, Official, Proven Paying 2022, there are several money-making games that can be interesting information to know. It is common knowledge that games or games are used for fun. For those of you who like gaming, of course, you have your own choice of games that are fun and fun to play.

But apparently, there are also games that can be used to make money. In other words, those of you who play the game can get the coffers of money for free. Of course there are terms and conditions imposed by the developer.

Whatever happens, this type of game is sure to be liked by many people. It doesn’t matter whether a man or a woman likes it and enjoys playing it. The main attraction is the money that can be made from the game.

It’s a Fast Liquid Money Making Game

Now, it’s time for you to know what games can make money. By recognizing them one by one, you can choose for yourself which one is the most suitable to download, install, then play to win.

12 Real Money Making Games, Official, Proven Paying 2022. That victory is the main condition for all of you who want to get money. The more wins you get, the more money you will get. That way, you can earn extra money just by playing games.

12 Real Money Making Games, Official, Proven Paying 2022
12 Real Money Making Games, Official, Proven Paying 2022

Then, what are the recommended 12 Real Money Making Games, Official, Proven Paying 2022? Here’s more information that may be useful.

1. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

This is the first money making game that you need to know. A game application that you can download for free on the Play Store. There are many games in the application that you can choose for yourself at will.

After choosing the game to play, you can immediately play it to win. It’s true, you have to be able to win in order to get diamonds or coins which can later be exchanged for a certain amount of nominal money.

Therefore, you must know and know the rules of the game to be played in order to win. One or two losses may still be normal, but after that you should be able to win the game.

MPL games are the main attraction because of the lure of the prize money. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people download and install the game. Those of you who are interested can try to install it on your gadget too. Then, play the game in it to win.

2. Hago

A money making game called Hago. Like MPL, Hago also has many mini games in it that you can choose and play as you please. If you manage to win the game, you will get coins which can later be exchanged for attractive prizes.

Not only can it be exchanged for nominal money, but certain amounts of coins can also be exchanged for balances on digital payment platforms that are currently popular. That way, you can shop or transfer the balance for your daily needs.

Hugo’s mini games are quite exciting and fun to play. For example, knife throwing games, sheep fighting games, and so on. The games are simple and easy to play, even by small children.

However, for those of you who are playing it for the first time, it will certainly be difficult to win. Therefore, you need to try the game several times to win. The more you win, the more coins you will get.

3. Spin The Weel

Spin The Weel game or number wheel game. A money-making game that is recommended and you should try playing because it is fun and exciting. The number wheel or Roulette game is quite easy to play.

The way to play is to guess the number that will appear on the spin of the wheel after it stops. If the wheel stops on the number you guessed, it means victory is in your hand. But if you stop at another number, it means you lose. Pretty simple game.

When you win, you will get coins that can be exchanged for a certain amount of money. You can also earn money when you successfully invite people or friends to join this game application.

Those of you who are interested in playing it can download the application for free on the Play Store. Next, play the game to win and get coins and other attractive prizes.

4. TopRich

One of the money-making games that is also recommended for you to play in 2021. That’s because this game is to sharpen your brain to be smarter and at the same time test your knowledge through puzzles.

It’s true, this one game presents many puzzles that you must answer correctly. If you manage to answer it, you will get coins. All coins collected can be exchanged for money and can be cashed out.

In addition to puzzle games, TopRich also offers many mini games that are no less exciting and interesting. Those of you who don’t like puzzles can choose other games to play. All the games are quite simple and easy to run.

However, don’t underestimate it too much because you can lose in the middle of the game. Please download and install the TopRich game application for free on the Play Store. Many people have joined and played it. You also don’t miss it.

5. PlayPlay

This money-making game application has proven to be reliable because it is able to prove itself paying many members when playing in it. Of course, there are still terms and conditions that apply to being able to withdraw the prize in the form of money.

This can be seen and read from the testimonials of users who have tried the game. They are satisfied with the game as well as the payment or disbursement of prizes on PlayPlay which is relatively short.

It is known that the PlayPlay application has been downloaded by more than 1 million people from all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that this game is said to be reliable. You can download it through the Play Store or the App Store.

Like other game applications, PlayPlay also has a lot of mini games for you to choose and play. For example, Ludo games, Cookie Crush, and so on. You who manage to win the game can get coins.

Keep playing the game to win, so you can collect more coins in a relatively short time. That way, you can exchange these coins into a certain amount of money. Very interesting and tempting, right?

6. Island King

Next, there is a money-making game called Island King. A game that you can download and install for free on the Play Store and App Store. It is known that this game application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people until now.

This proves that Island King is one of the most popular and popular games around the world. The attraction is not only in the game, but also the prizes that can be in the form of nominal money. Therefore, many people have already played it.

The theme of this game is quite interesting, namely construction or construction. You who play are given the task of building various public facilities on an island. Starting from houses, buildings, malls, roads, schools, and so on.

Well, the progress or development of the construction is assessed. The more facilities on the island are built, the better the development. That way, you as a player have the opportunity to win and get coins.

The more coins you get, the easier and faster it will be to convert them into nominal money in a certain amount. With unique and interesting themes and tasks, this Island King game has many fans.

Moreover, there is the lure of getting coins that can be exchanged for money. More and more want to play it. Those of you who are interested in playing Island King can download and install the game on the Play Store for free.

7. Play Gamers

There is still information about money-making games that you need to know. Next is a game called Play Gamer. This game has just been released or can be said to be a new game. Therefore, the game is not yet popular and not many have downloaded it.

However, Play Gamers can also give money to each player who successfully completes the task and fulfills the specified requirements. There are many mini games in it that you can choose and play.

You have to win the game first so you can get coins which can later be exchanged for nominal money. You all want to earn a lot of money, right? If so, you have to win a lot of the games first.

The games are simple and relatively easy to win. As long as you want to learn and study it first. Don’t forget to keep trying to win. Please download and install Play Gamer via the Play Store for free on your gadget.

8. Higgs Dominoes RP

This one game is also no less popular than other money-making games in cyberspace. Maybe you already know it or even play it often. If that’s the case, you have proven yourself that this game can provide benefits or vice versa.

Higgs Domino offers a native Indonesian local card game, namely dominoes. Those of you who have often played it are certainly no stranger to the rules of the game. The difference is that the dominoes you play at Higgs Domino are digital or online.

Besides domino games, there are several other mini games that you can play at Higgs domino. That way, there are quite a few options to play with. Those of you who manage to play at Higgs Domino can get chips or coins that can later be exchanged for prizes.

The prizes range from telephone credit, internet quota, to a certain amount of money. Pretty interesting, right? Therefore, please download and install the game application for free on the Play Store.

The reason is, many people have played at Higgs Domino and they are satisfied. You can also try to play it to win and get quite a lot of money.

9. Market Glory

A game themed daily life activities called Market Glory. You who play in it are given the task of doing activities like real life in the world. For example, work, go to school, go to the office, drive on the highway, and so on.

Every activity you do in the money-making game will get a prize in the form of coins if it meets certain criteria. All the coins you collect can be exchanged for money or other attractive prizes. For prize money, it can be disbursed after reaching a certain nominal.

Because the game is themed daily life, it takes a relatively long time to play it. However, you will feel happy and will not feel bored when playing Market Glory. The game is not boring and not monotonous.

Many people have played this game. Those of you who want to play it must first download and install the application on the Play Store which is free. After that, then you can play in it to get a lot of coins.

10. ClipClap

There are still money-making games that you can play to earn prizes and money. Like this game application called ClipClap. There are quite a number of mini games in the application. You can play them one by one to your heart’s content and must win.

With this victory, you can get special coins and coupons that can be collected up to a certain amount. After that, you can exchange it into a tantalizing amount of money. Money earned in an easy and fun way.

It’s not just games that you can play on ClipClap. You can also watch many unique and interesting videos in it. In addition, there are quizzes that are no less interesting for you to take. All of them can also bring in coins when you successfully complete the task.

So, don’t wait any longer to immediately download and install the game application on the Play Store. Then, you can start the game and other fun and exciting activities with ClipClap.

11. Mager

Mager is not an abbreviation of Lazy Motion. Mager is one of the names of money-making games that you can download, install and play online in cyberspace. Not an ordinary game because you can get money when you win the game.

There are several games that you can play in Mager. Each game has its own theme and level of difficulty. Therefore, you must first read and learn the rules of the game in order to win it easily.

If you manage to win or complete the given task, then a certain amount of coin prizes can be obtained. Collect as many coins as possible so that you can exchange them into credit or money balances. Then, are you interested in playing it?

If so, you first download and install Mager on your gadget via the Play Store, which is easy and fast. After that, register yourself to be able to login and enter into it. Then you can choose the game you want to play to your heart’s content.

12. Coin Republic

A unique and interesting game called Coin Republic is also recommended for all of you. You who play it are given the task of finding and collecting virtual money that is spread by building a company.

The more virtual money you manage to collect, the faster you can exchange it for real money with a certain nominal value. A simple money making game, but interesting and fun to play.

You should give it a try because a lot of people have played Coin Republic and they love it. Please download and install the game application first on the Play Store right now.

You can try to play all the money-making games mentioned above one by one. The goal other than to have fun, of course you want to get additional nominal money. That way, you can get a side income even if you only play games.

Here are 5 online games that are booming and are played by many gamers today

Here are 5 online games that are booming and are played by many gamers today, in this digital era, it is certain that many of you have smartphones and certainly don’t miss the game . Well, at this time there are also many online games that are booming and are widely played by gamers , of course in Indonesia. Starting from children to adults, they don’t want to miss playing online games that are currently booming .

For those of you who miss information on online games that are trending and are widely played by Indonesian gamers and even abroad, you don’t need to worry. I will explain Here are 5 online games that are booming and are played by many gamers today. Many have played it!

Here are 5 online games that are booming and are played by many gamers today
Here are 5 online games that are booming and are played by many gamers today

Well, for those of you who don’t know what online games are currently the most booming , here’s a list of these online games. Just take a look, come on.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Because of its popularity, this game makes gamers even more curious if they don’t play it. It is proven that this game has been downloaded by more than 100 million users in the play store . Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game with the MOBA genre that is played together, which is certainly very exciting.

For those of you who have never played this online game , it is certain that you are out of date.

2. PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile has also received many awards in 2018. This game is the choice of many people because it has an attractive graphic design, it’s definitely more fun to play with your online friends , you know.

3. Arena of Valor
Next up is Arena of Valor or AOV, who doesn’t know this game ? Because this game is also a game that must be played by several players . In addition to honing skills in playing games. Of course you can also add friends, right?

4. Free Fire
Well, the next game is Free Fire. This game is similar to PUBG, which is a game of survival against the cruelty of the island. This game can also be played with your friends up to 4 people and is equipped with in- game voice chat .

5. Lord Mobile
This game invites you to make a strategy in creating an empire, where players can create their own kingdom and attack the opponent’s kingdom.

Well, those are 5 online games that are booming and are played by many contemporary gamers . Make sure you’ve tried playing these 5 games, so you don’t get out of date and are cooler and more contemporary.

May be useful!



About game clash of clans – this Clash of Clans online generator creates treasures which would certainly help you in the progression of the game and enhance your clan.

Enter the required information and produce limitless treasures with a simple click and replenish your collection of treasures also before you set off to play the game.

Clash of Clans is a game that involves the building of fts and protecting them from your opponents. For you to effectively play this game, it is highly recommended to have with you a clash of clans strategy within your reaches.



The game is based upon protecting a town and assaulting the various other towns. As the game progresses, i.e., signalled by a greater degree Community Hall, the centre of the town, it becomes harder, expensive, and more engrossing

Learn us first see what are the elements in the game

There are various defences in the game, such as the cannon and the XBow.
Additionally, it has various soldiers, specifically the “hog biker” and Golem.
There are various heroic animals which are opened at greater degrees as the game progresses and a great deal of various other points that you discover with the progression of the game.
Currently coming to the gameplay, it’s quite simple. You either protect your town by updating possessions, attack various other bases, or participate in a battle with clans. To accelerate the upgrades and buy more sources (which are split right into gold, elixir, and dark elixir), Supercell also offers treasures which can be bought using electronic payment settings.

Listed here are certain ways whereby you can produce Clash of Clans free treasures

You can easily make Treasures by finishing accomplishments at various times in the game.
Hidden treasures can also be found by clearing trees and rocks in your town. However, some of these expand back, so you need to maintain inspecting time and again About game clash of clans.
Several Clash of Clans treasure generators provide free treasures in transform of some easy information from you, but this may lead to prohibiting of the account.

Remember to open up the treasure box that shows up in your town several times.
Constantly look out for any ongoing occasions that can win you treasures as benefits.
You should not forget to repair the Treasure Mine in the builder base.


Hacking COC treasures isn’t an easy job and does not constantly work, so it’s constantly safe to depend on safe means of winning and obtaining treasures as several Clash of Clans limitless treasures hacks are available on the web but these last as lengthy as it does not come right into the notice of the developers and as quickly as it enters their notice, it outcomes in a ban.

7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!

7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!, RPG games are still a very popular and highly sought after game genre today.

This is because, in general, RPG games have a very interesting system, story intrigue, and gameplay compared to other games.

7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!
7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!

Here, we will provide 7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations for 2022! that you must play this year. Check out the article below, guys!

1. Attack on Titans: Brave Order

This game developed by Enish, still carries the same story, where we follow the story of Eren Yeager, who wants to enter the Military to avenge his parents who were eaten by the Titans.

Here, players can use various characters in the world of Attack on Titans, such as Mikasa, Eren, and many more to destroy the titans who disturb the peace.

Carrying Turn based RPG gameplay, players will assemble a team of 3 characters, each of which will have its own skills and abilities.

2. Chlea Adventure Story

LemauDev, or a developer who often develops horror games such as Pocong Adventure, Kuyang Hantu Game, and Pocong Hantu Game, is now expanding into the realm of mobile adventure games in its new title.

Taking the ARPG Adventure genre, a game called Chlea Adventure Story tells of the adventures of Chlea who is stranded on an uninhabited island with many scary beasts.

Here, Chlea must struggle to survive on the island by making buildings, weapons, and potions to increase her own survival skills.

3. Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy

The latest anime gacha game adapted from the manga/anime Eden Zero which tells about the adventures of Shiki together with Rebecca in the world of outer space.

Wrapped with Action RPG gameplay, this game presents an interesting gameplay to play with the abilities of each character which is different with their respective Ether Gear. Players can get various characters with Gacha in the latest anime adaptation ARPG game.

4. Ragnarok V Return

Given a different name, Ragnarok V Returns is a sequel to Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising which was one of the Ragnarok Mobile games released several years earlier. This Ragnarok V Returns game improves the existing graphics into 3D compared to before. The gameplay is quite similar to some of the other iterations of the Ragnarok Mobile game based on both android and iOS users.

In terms of story, Ragnarok V Returns is focused on Valkyrie with various mercenaries who will help you in the middle of your adventure. Various features such as job changes, field bosses, quests can also be enjoyed in this latest Ragnarok mobile game

5. Soul Tide

Soul Tide is one of the best android games this week that combines many genres in one game. Wrapped in anime graphics, Soul Tide presents a turn based genre, mobile RPG exploration with very interesting gameplay.

Here, players can create a team of beautiful anime characters, who will explore dungeons. The gameplay offered is turn based, where when exploring dungeons, players will find monsters that your beautiful character can fight.

6. My Hero Ultra Impact

The latest RPG game adaptation of the anime My Hero Academia, here players can use various characters from the world of Boku no Hero to Academia to ward off enemies.

Both heroes and villains, players can build a team of 3 people in the latest mobile game with their own quirks.

7. Land of Eno

The Land of Eno is an offline Rogue Like RPG mobile open world game where players are free to complete various challenges to find a variety of existing equipment. There are tons of world bosses to complete here, each with its own rewards and new experiences. This Rogue like game is still in beta, and interested players can play it right now!

Those are the 7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations for 2022! which you can try and play right now. RPG games themselves have their own various sub-genres, such as Action RPG which generally gives players the freedom to make combos, Turn based RPG which has strategic gameplay and many more.

Most Popular Mobile Games In 2022

Most Popular Mobile Games In 2022, google play store and Apple’s app store is overflowing with the list of great gaming apps, but how do you decide which ones to download. There are many addictive games which no one can ignore at all and most game development companies include them in their portfolio. If you’re like us, you don’t want to ride through journey of download regrets. Every game developer wants his game to be the World no. 1 mobile game in the world.

Some of the best mobile games are free and some cost a few bucks. It’s a great experience to play game on mobile with friends, especially when you can’t get together in person. Playing mobile games nowadays, not just only helps you to relieve stress but also gives you a chance to interact with new people around the gaming community.

We’ve picked a good mix of categories amongst the best Most Popular Mobile Games In 2022 which includes role-playing games, first-person shooters (FPS), racing games, platformers, strategy games, puzzlers, and more. With that being said, let’s not stall you and just get to the list.

Most Popular Mobile Games In 2022
Most Popular Mobile Games In 2022

These are the 10 Most Popular Mobile Games In 2022 :

1. GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

Grand Theft Auto V is the world no. 1 mobile game and reimagines the open-world game in a number of ways. It is based on the GTA game of the same name, comes under the most popular mobile games that bring you to the notorious San Andreas. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are the three major characters in the narrative. Each of them has distinct personality qualities that frequently lead to a new challenge in the game. Here, the game world is beautiful, massive, and of course, diverse.

A vast satirical recreation of modern southern California, encompassing mountains and coastlines, high-end stores and strip malls, and nature. In contrast, the sublime and ludicrous, greed and hypocrisy, you see it all. It makes you walk through one high-octane moment to another. This provides the missions new levels of diversity and intensity. Besides, when not on a mission, the three lead characters of Grand Theft Auto V also allows for a touch of voyeurism. You can drop them in any moment and find out what your new friends have been up to. It is the most popular games of all time.

2. Assassin Creed: Valhalla

The top mobile games are everything for gamers, especially the ones that are easily available at Google Play and the iOS App Store. Like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and its origins before it, the Assassin Creed: Valhalla continues the series trajectory into the full-fledged open-world RPG. Valhalla has a major focus on the recreation of the Dark Ages England.

Become Eivor, a famous Viking raider on a quest for glory, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

There are a number of things to do in this most popular iPhone game, explore and discover in and around Valhalla’s atmosphere in the world’s best mobile game.

You can get to explore a vibrant and stunning open-world set against the harsh background of England during the Dark Ages. In order to win a seat among the gods in Valhalla, you must raid your enemies, expand your settlement, and increase your political influence.

Assassin Creed: Valhalla is a giant, bold, and ridiculously attractive entry to the series, which is finally delivering the much-requested era of the Viking. It walks through the fine line between the historical tourism top-shelf conspiracy and veiled mysticism against the backdrop of the grounded, focused story. As you begin on a quest over a huge, incredibly gorgeous open-world, it recreates the harsh and of course darker tones of the Viking way of life, which is the reason behind this most played mobile game in the world.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Even though there are successful and the best mobile games 2022 in all verticals, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach dominates it all. It really, really dominates the dopamine rush. This indie game series has the most horrifying and extremely complicated timelines of Freddy.

The show is set in a Chuck E Cheese-style pizzeria (named Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex), filled with arcade games, balloons, and other fun stuff, as well as those terrifying animatronic creatures that terrified us as kids in the 1980s and 1990s.

You play as Gregory, who gets trapped overnight at the beginning of the game. You must keep a close eye on the security cameras. Animatronics prowl the streets and relentlessly pursue all intruders at night. These games, unsurprisingly, are chock-full of jump scares.

It isn’t wise to stuck in one place for long, but you’d come across Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf and security guard, Vanessa, turning over every single Cotton Candy Pizza Stand.

As the game continues, you’d be amazed to come across a tale emerging with a serial murderer, haunting robots, and families ruined.

Also, this fun-blast offers exceptional attractions naming Bonnie Bowl, Monty Golf, Roxy Raceway, and the sewers, Of course, with endless goodies to enjoy.

Enjoy every breakdown of the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore.

4. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the number one game and is an open-world action role-playing game.

This most popular game is a large, free exploration RPG that can be played anywhere and on any device. So, you would see a pair of magical twins roaming across universes for no apparent reason (to find each other) when an unknown and powerful deity thinks they are too full of themselves to leap between realities as they like and that this must come to an end.

As a result, the self-proclaimed goddess kidnaps one and takes the power of the other, leaving them trapped in a strange land, searching for their sister and a way home.

Genshin Impact lets you change characters rather than weapon kinds; some individuals use one-handed swords, others use bows, and others carry magic books; therefore, you build up your 4-person party and swap characters on the fly. When you accumulate equipment, you may utilize it to upgrade your finest weapons even more. This also leads to what may be the big war. It comes under the top 10 games.

5. GRID Autosport

One thing we learned in the Epic vs Apple lawsuit was that games account for 70% of App Store revenues, which is an ultimate wake-up call for the leading Games development company and the entire industry.

GRID Autosport is a renowned brand, also named as powerful “Funny Cars” because they are ordinary and are at the peak of GRID Autosport’s drag racing. The sensation of driving one is like an all-out attack on the senses, as drivers attempt to subdue eight thousand horsepower while being pushed at speeds of over 300 miles per hour.

GRID Autosport gives your mobile device a console-like gaming experience. You’d think that a game with such stunning visuals would cost as much as the original PC edition.

GRID Autosport is a large game, even if it’s on a little screen. It’s a rather large smartphone app, with a suggested free internal storage of 6 GB. It’s a realistic racing game that will push even the most experienced racers while also enticing casual gamers who are looking for a taste of “classic” racing games. Each car has a distinct driving experience that you can sense.


To no one’s surprise by now, GRIS is also topping the charts as one of the most played mobile game in the world, with 2+ billion downloads. The best essence that GRIS contains is The colors. It could go like a name of a person, the name of the color, and the start with black and white. It makes perfect sense with the main character’s inner world. All the mechanics of this game revolves around discovering colors and unlocking colors.

It’s not just a game; it is most of all similar to making a movie. Everything was sketched by hand, frame by frame, and then colored, so think the depth of the game. Not a game; it’s a melancholic feeling.

7. Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a well-known free-to-play digital collectible card game. It is published by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, and it is set in the League of Legends universe with locations and characters from the game.

The game challenges one player against another, with each player playing cards from their deck to try to defeat their opponent using a variety of cards and techniques.

What is all required is to take onto the other opponent. Every player starts the game with four cards, picked randomly from the deck. Both players receive their first mana gem at the start of the game, and one player also receives an attack token, indicating that they will attack in the following round of play. The defense token is given to the opposite player.

The attack and defensive tokens are exchanged between the players at the conclusion of each round, and players also win extra mana gems.

There is also a PC version of the Legends of Runterra slot that is available to play alongside the downloadable versions in the Play Store.

8. Levelhead

It is the most creative platform for 1-4 players where they build and share levels with the world. In this award-winning Platformer Maker, you may create the level of your dreams as well as other people’s nightmares. Here, 100 items are available that can actually flex your creativity and performance.

Run, leap, and blast your way through 90+ tough, hand-designed Training Levels as GR-18 have control while being a delivery robot in training. For truly amusing entertainment, play with up to three pals on the same sofa.

After playing levels, you can publish certain levels for the entire world and watch out for the stack of playtime, attempts, and followers.

Levelhead makes it simple to get followers and play limitless user-generated content from across the world, thanks to its strong search and curation features and lack of platform limitations.


PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games of all time in over 100 countries. This game is grounded in strong shooter gameplay.

This competent game on mobile port of the original PC game is available in both first-person or third-person. There is a lot to love about this game with plenty of battle royale maps and upcoming updates in 2022.

When the PC version of PUBG was launched, it was a rather new concept of battle royale where players will land on an unknown island and fight to be on the top. The area shrinks gradually to draw the players closer.

The maps in PUBG mobile are the same as in PC, even the map names are the same. PUBG mobile was designed and developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio- an internal division of Tencent Games.

PUBG mobile’s unique point is the number of options to mobile gamers. If you go through the list, it is endless. You have mini zone mode, war mode, and sniper mode in the arcade mode. These modes are available for both TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective) servers. The gun recoil is also very near to reality. The aiming and firing of the guns also significantly improved with various attachments. You’ll also get a kill cam, which helps you identify if any hacker is in the game.

The makers of PUBG capitalized their expertise in Python and used it to develop this all-time favorite battle royale mobile game app. The battle royale game has partnered with Arcane, animated series, to bring Runeterra into the PUBG Mobile. Now you can play as Vi, Jinx, Vi, and Jayce on the Zaun and Piltover streets.

10. Call of Duty: Mobile

With 50,000,000+ downloads in Play Store and App Store, Call of Duty is ruling the gaming community with its graphics, smooth gameplay, and fan-favorite maps from COD history. It gives gamers two modes: Battle Royale, where you have to survive the 100-player experience & Multiplayer, where you’ll participate in traditional 5v5 team-based combat.

The fun doesn’t stop there; this game was one of the most addictive mobile game in 2019. Now with new updates, they have included many other game modes like zombies action and sniper vs. sniper battle. They also included a new map recently named Summit.

Play as iconic characters from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare. It is very easy to play but very hard to master. The outstanding gameplay mechanics focus on the realism of elements like gun recoil, augmented reality crosshair scope, and wonderful control of drone strikes makes this game super addictive. The easy controls and excellent server hold-up are just sweet cherries on the cake.

Call of Duty is an absolute win for the gaming community and makers alike. The makers leveraged the power of game engine Unity and simply nailed the market. That’s the reason it is one of the most popular mobile games of all time.


5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022

5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022, the development of the game industry, especially on mobile devices, is increasing rapidly. This opportunity is taken by the developers, to contribute in developing the latest titles.

Just like this year, there are already a variety of cool mobile games that will be released. Gamers can immediately enjoy it in the near future. Although the exact date has not been revealed, players can immediately pre-register so as not to miss the latest information.

So what Android games are ready to release in 2022? Let’s look at the following brief explanation, based on monitoring from the Google Play Store.

5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022
5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022

These are the five android games ready to be released in 2022

1. My Hero Ultra Impact
The Frist Android game is a game inspired by the popular anime in Japan, namely My Hero Academia. Titled My Hero Ultra Impact, the concept carries a Role Playing Game (RPG).

The battle system uses turn-based or turn-based. If gamers are used to playing Final Fantasy IX, the game mechanics presented by the developer will be familiar to players.

2. Diablo Immortal

Bringing the concept of Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game (MMOARPG), you can explore each region independently or join a community.

The story of Diablo Immortal is set in the events between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Pre-register now, so you don’t miss updates from the developer.

3. Angry Birds Journey

Angry Bird Journey offers similar game mechanics to the previous series. Through large catapults, these birds are ready to destroy all kinds of defenses from their enemies.

If you look at the trailer launched by the developer, namely Rovio Entertainment Corporation, it is said that the golden egg owned by this red bird was stolen by an evil pig. So the objective is to go on an adventure to reclaim the egg.

4. Battlefield

It is expected that this game made by Electronic Arts (EA) will launch between January and March 2022. Battlefield brings games like First Person Shooter (FPS) games in general.

Serving gunfire with the group and trying to win the battle. Currently, gamers can pre-register on the Google Play Store, so they can get Early Access.

5. Idle Iron Knight

If you don’t like games that are too difficult, maybe you can try Idle Iron Knight. Players only need to kill all the monsters on each floor.

Later gamers will be accompanied by two other heroes. For the mechanics themselves, such as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ( MOBA ) game. So it has provided several buttons to attack the opponent, including the Auto Attack feature.

That’s the line of 5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022

How to Add Credit Score Game Mobile Legends

How to add credit score game mobile legends, how to increase the credit score of the Mobile Legends game is much sought after by players who have low credit scores in the mobile legends game. In the Mobile Legends game, a low or below standar credit score will result in the player not being able to compete in Rank model and can only play Classic and Brawl modes.

How to Add Credit Score Game Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the most populer online games in the world. Carrying the theme of 5 versus 5 matches, the mobile legends game has various interesting match modes to play. In addition, due to its populerity, several countries in the world also have their own Mobile Legends turnamens or leagues, including Indonesia with the Mobile Legends Profesional League or MPL ID. Low credit scores in mobile legends games usually occur because the player receives reports from other players regarding in-game violations, such as AFK, poor performnce, to Feeding behavior that harms his tim.

For players affected by the report, they will experience a certain amount of credit score reduction and cannot akses all game modes in the Mobile Legends game. In this case, you don’t need to worry because you can raise a low credit score again, so you can akses all game modes in the Mobile Legends game. Here are some ways to add a low score credit to the mobile legends game: How to add credit score game mobile legends

How to Add Credit Score Game Mobile Legends
How to Add Credit Score Game Mobile Legends

1. Routine Login Every Day The first way to add a mobile legends credit score is to log in regulerly every day.

This metode is the easiest way to increase your credit score.

When the player logs in to the mobile legends game every day, the player will get +1 credit score per day. By logging in regulerly, players can gradually increase their credit scores to standar and can compete in Rank model.

2. Playing Classic and Brawl Model The next way to increase the credit score of mobile legends is to play classic and brawl model.

In the low credit score of mobile legends, players cannot play Rank model. This will apply until the credit score that is owned increases again according to the set standar. In this case, players can increase the credit score by playing classic and brawl modes. Every time you play a match in classic or brawl model, the player will get +1 credit score and so on. So, with players often playing the classic or brawl model, the credit score will quickly rise and players can play Rank model.

3. Don’t AFK The next way to increase the credit score in the mobile legends game is to avoid AFK behavior.

Away From Keyboard or AFK is the behavior of a player leaving the game while it is in progress. In this case, the AFK player makes a loss for his tim because it will have an impact on the number of players being 4 versus 5 because one of the players leaves the game. The Mobile Legends party in overcoming players who are AFK gives a serious penalti in the form of a reduction in credit scores. In fact, for the heaviest punishment, Mobile Legends can temporarily close the player’s akun. So, as much as possible avoid AFK behavior so that your credit score does not decrease.

4. Don’t Say Harsh in Game

The next way to increase the credit score of the mobile legends game is to avoid saying rude things when in the game. Mobile legends game has a chat column fitur in the game that serves to communicate with each other between tims. However, it is not uncommon for the chat column to become a column filled with harsh words and hate speech. In this case, players who say rude words will be detected by Mobile Legends and will be punished in the form of ‘muting’ or not being able to send chat again during the match. In addition to the punishment, players will also get a certain amount of credit score reduction if there are other players who report hate speech by the player in the chat column. So, as much as possible, don’t be provoked by emotions from other players which will result in a reduction in the credit score of Mobile legends