5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022, the development of the game industry, especially on mobile devices, is increasing rapidly. This opportunity is taken by the developers, to contribute in developing the latest titles.

Just like this year, there are already a variety of cool mobile games that will be released. Gamers can immediately enjoy it in the near future. Although the exact date has not been revealed, players can immediately pre-register so as not to miss the latest information.

So what Android games are ready to release in 2022? Let’s look at the following brief explanation, based on monitoring from the Google Play Store.

5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022
5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022

These are the five android games ready to be released in 2022

1. My Hero Ultra Impact
The Frist Android game is a game inspired by the popular anime in Japan, namely My Hero Academia. Titled My Hero Ultra Impact, the concept carries a Role Playing Game (RPG).

The battle system uses turn-based or turn-based. If gamers are used to playing Final Fantasy IX, the game mechanics presented by the developer will be familiar to players.

2. Diablo Immortal

Bringing the concept of Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game (MMOARPG), you can explore each region independently or join a community.

The story of Diablo Immortal is set in the events between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Pre-register now, so you don’t miss updates from the developer.

3. Angry Birds Journey

Angry Bird Journey offers similar game mechanics to the previous series. Through large catapults, these birds are ready to destroy all kinds of defenses from their enemies.

If you look at the trailer launched by the developer, namely Rovio Entertainment Corporation, it is said that the golden egg owned by this red bird was stolen by an evil pig. So the objective is to go on an adventure to reclaim the egg.

4. Battlefield

It is expected that this game made by Electronic Arts (EA) will launch between January and March 2022. Battlefield brings games like First Person Shooter (FPS) games in general.

Serving gunfire with the group and trying to win the battle. Currently, gamers can pre-register on the Google Play Store, so they can get Early Access.

5. Idle Iron Knight

If you don’t like games that are too difficult, maybe you can try Idle Iron Knight. Players only need to kill all the monsters on each floor.

Later gamers will be accompanied by two other heroes. For the mechanics themselves, such as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ( MOBA ) game. So it has provided several buttons to attack the opponent, including the Auto Attack feature.

That’s the line of 5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022

5 Android Games Ready to Release in 2022