7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!, RPG games are still a very popular and highly sought after game genre today.

This is because, in general, RPG games have a very interesting system, story intrigue, and gameplay compared to other games.

7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!
7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!

Here, we will provide 7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations for 2022! that you must play this year. Check out the article below, guys!

1. Attack on Titans: Brave Order

This game developed by Enish, still carries the same story, where we follow the story of Eren Yeager, who wants to enter the Military to avenge his parents who were eaten by the Titans.

Here, players can use various characters in the world of Attack on Titans, such as Mikasa, Eren, and many more to destroy the titans who disturb the peace.

Carrying Turn based RPG gameplay, players will assemble a team of 3 characters, each of which will have its own skills and abilities.

2. Chlea Adventure Story

LemauDev, or a developer who often develops horror games such as Pocong Adventure, Kuyang Hantu Game, and Pocong Hantu Game, is now expanding into the realm of mobile adventure games in its new title.

Taking the ARPG Adventure genre, a game called Chlea Adventure Story tells of the adventures of Chlea who is stranded on an uninhabited island with many scary beasts.

Here, Chlea must struggle to survive on the island by making buildings, weapons, and potions to increase her own survival skills.

3. Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy

The latest anime gacha game adapted from the manga/anime Eden Zero which tells about the adventures of Shiki together with Rebecca in the world of outer space.

Wrapped with Action RPG gameplay, this game presents an interesting gameplay to play with the abilities of each character which is different with their respective Ether Gear. Players can get various characters with Gacha in the latest anime adaptation ARPG game.

4. Ragnarok V Return

Given a different name, Ragnarok V Returns is a sequel to Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising which was one of the Ragnarok Mobile games released several years earlier. This Ragnarok V Returns game improves the existing graphics into 3D compared to before. The gameplay is quite similar to some of the other iterations of the Ragnarok Mobile game based on both android and iOS users.

In terms of story, Ragnarok V Returns is focused on Valkyrie with various mercenaries who will help you in the middle of your adventure. Various features such as job changes, field bosses, quests can also be enjoyed in this latest Ragnarok mobile game

5. Soul Tide

Soul Tide is one of the best android games this week that combines many genres in one game. Wrapped in anime graphics, Soul Tide presents a turn based genre, mobile RPG exploration with very interesting gameplay.

Here, players can create a team of beautiful anime characters, who will explore dungeons. The gameplay offered is turn based, where when exploring dungeons, players will find monsters that your beautiful character can fight.

6. My Hero Ultra Impact

The latest RPG game adaptation of the anime My Hero Academia, here players can use various characters from the world of Boku no Hero to Academia to ward off enemies.

Both heroes and villains, players can build a team of 3 people in the latest mobile game with their own quirks.

7. Land of Eno

The Land of Eno is an offline Rogue Like RPG mobile open world game where players are free to complete various challenges to find a variety of existing equipment. There are tons of world bosses to complete here, each with its own rewards and new experiences. This Rogue like game is still in beta, and interested players can play it right now!

Those are the 7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations for 2022! which you can try and play right now. RPG games themselves have their own various sub-genres, such as Action RPG which generally gives players the freedom to make combos, Turn based RPG which has strategic gameplay and many more.

7 Best Android RPG Game Recommendations 2022!