Received a ‘.ase’  file without any instructions to open the file? So you are trying to open it as a regular file. But it did not work, your operating system is displaying some error message. Now you are stuck in a situation and don’t know how to get over it? Don’t worry you are in the right place. In this article, we answered all your questions regarding your ASE file format. Go through this article to know about the ASE file.

What is the ASE file?

Adobe Swatch Exchange file saves its data in ‘.ase‘ file format. Because of this file format Adobe’s can share color formats one to another Adobe’s application. It can store multiple color combinations by using the Swatch palette. Not only Adobe’s applications but also there are many images and video editing software that use ASE formats to store the color combination. These software applications store the 3d and 2d color scenes as plain text files. 

How to open an ASE file?

  • Adobe’s created ASE files can be opened with Adobe’s applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign also with InCopy. As we know before this is created by the Swatches Palette, that can open via the Illustrator applications. (Open Illustrator application, Then go to the Window  now you will see the Swatches)
  • There is another way you can open your ASE file, you can use the online  ASE color decoder
  • 3D max and Auto cad can open Auto desk ASCII Export(ASC) and Autodesk ASCII Scene(ASE) files.  Usually, those files are saved in text formats so you can use any text editors to read ASE files.
  • The  Velvet Studio is another software application that you can use to view ASE files.

Converts ASE files 

As you know before, there are different applications that can open an ASE file, as there are different uses of an ASE file. However, all the ASE files can not be converted through the regular converter. If you want to convert your SMF file to a text format and maintain the color gradients of the file. We recommended that you can take help from Adobe.

However, you can use the Autodesk software to save an Auto desk ASCII scene file to a new file format. 

In conclusion

Some file extensions share some of the same letters as others. It does not mean that all file formats are related to each other and all the extensions are open with the same program. Like AST file and the ASL file, these file formats are created via two different applications and for editing and viewing the files, it requires different software applications. So, if you have any confusion related to the ASE file. please comment down below.

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