Received a ‘.asm’ a file? and you are trying to open it as the regular file by double-clicking on it. But it won’t work.  Don’t get worried about it you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about ‘ what is ASM file’ ” how to open an ASM file” 

What is an ASM file?

Assembly language code is created an ASM file format to store the data. This data can be edited through the windows editing programs like Microsoft WordPad, and Notepad among others. But not only with the Windows text editing programs, but also there are many text editing programs available for Mac users. However, assembly language is a low-level scripting language and it is used as a code generating scripting language for your computer’s electronic mechanical parts. Let’s take a simple example of how it works. Your computer’s CD/DVD drive’s open/close button is functioned in a complex assembly language code(Complex language part of an assembly language).

How to open an ASM file?

You can open an ASM file by simply double-clicking on it, but there is a condition. The file needs to be associated with the correct software application. If your file is not associated with the software, your operating system displays an error message. So you need to download or purchase the correct software application. Or it is also possible that you have the correct software application, but you can edit or view the file. In that situation, you need to  associate the application with the file

The application that opens the ASM files 

  • Microsoft Notepad

Notepad is a basic text editor and it comes with the windows operating system. Notepad is commonly used for creating, editing and view the text file. It can be used as a text editor. You can use the Notepad application for opening the ASM file.

  • gVim application

 GVim is an open-source, feature-rich, and highly configurable text editing software application for programmers. Usually, this is known as ‘programmers editors’. You can edit and write programing language flawlessly, also you can highlight the written code. You can use this program editors for viewing and editing ASM files. This application is available for all versions of windows and Mac systems.

  • Microsoft Word 2010

As we know MS office word 2010 is a word processing application. Compared with the MS office word 2007, it has improved many features. So, the user can open an ASM file very easily. 

In Conclusion

A file extension is the set of three characters at the end of a file name. In this file extension ‘.asm’ the file indicates a low-level programing language and simply opens with the Windows inbuilt text editing programs. If you are a mac user you can use the default text editor of Mac. If you have any questions that we are not included in this post, please let us know in the comment section.

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