When you are looking for all the information related to the .ASPX File Extension on your computer, you are at the right place. Here I have talked about how to open the .ASPX File Extension, regardless of the type of operating system you are dealing with. Read the entire post to find everything about the .ASPX File Extension.

Your Complete Guide to Open.ASPX File Extension

Details Of .ASPX File Extension

The full name of .ASPX is Active Server Page Extended. The .ASPX is a webpage generated by web servers. These web servers run the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. And this framework consists of multiple scripts written in VBScript or C# code. The web servers turn these codes into HTML and send them to other user’s web browsers. Developers mostly create the .aspx files using the Microsoft Visual Web Developer software. And then design those files for the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.

The aspx web pages are also known as .NET Web forms and you can identify these web pages in your web browser when you find the URL ends with “.aspx”. The web page was introduced by Microsoft developers back in 2002 for Active Server Pages (ASP). This web application framework helps developers in producing dynamic web sites as well as programs.

How to Open ASP.NET Files

The ASP.NET files loaded on your web browser when you request Web server directories on a Microsoft IIS server. When you request for a domain server directory, the server will load the URL with .aspx. Unless the server is configured to a different directory, you will see the .aspx extension.

You can open the file extension with any of these Windows programs-

  • File Viewer Plus
  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • ES-Computing EditPlus
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 2020
  • Any Web browser

And use Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 or Any Web browser from your Mac and Linux computer. There can be more other applications that would help you view the ASPX Files on your system. If you know about such applications, please let us know in the comment box below.

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