There are a lot of types of file extensions on the internet. And figuring out their intension and working method can be a bit difficult. But here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the.CR2 File Extension you are dealing with currently. So, check out the entire post and find out how to open a cr2 file.

How to Open a.CR2File Extension

What is CR2 File Extension?

If you see a cr2 extension on your computer or mobile phone, then it is an image file format. This is a raw camera image format that is created by the Canon digital camera. Canon uses some uncompressed image data to store inside of this file format. And those data are exactly how they are when captured the image. This format tends to provide the highest quality images and that’s the reason why most professional photographers use this type.

There are two types of CR2 extensions available on the internet. The one we talked about is the Canon Raw Image File. And there is another one out there which we are going to talk about in later sections of this post.

How to Open Canon Raw Image File

If you are dealing with a CR2 extension, you can use various software programs available on the internet to open this file. Moreover, there are applications that you use on a regular basis to edit and open the file, would work too. There are so many Canon digital cameras that support this file extension. Other than that, there are some other applications that will help you open and edit the CR2 file.

CR2 is the Canon Raw version 2 format that has some TIFF specifications but the earlier Canon digital camera versions use.CRW format. The .CRW format is associated with Camera Image File Format (CIFF). There are some Canon camera models that can create CR2 file extensions. And that can include EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 450D, and EOS Rebel T3.

How to Open a.CR2File Extension

Windows Programs to Open CR2 Files

  • File Viewer Plus
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Microsoft Photos
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019
  • ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio
  • ACD Systems Canvas X 2019
  • IrfanView
  • Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery with Microsoft Camera Codec Pack
  • GIMP with UFRaw plug-in
  • FastStone Image Viewer

Mac Programs that Open CR2 Files

  • Apple Photos
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019
  • Snap Converter
  • GIMP with UFRaw plug-in
  • MacPhun ColorStrokes

Linux Programs that Open CR2 Files

  • GIMP with UFRaw plug-in
  • gphoto2
  • MATE with Atril Document Viewer
  • gThumb

You can use online cloud programs like Google Photos to open the CR2 file on your computer. Otherwise, on your iOS and Android device, you can use Adobe Photoshop Express and File Viewer for Android. There is another file type of CR2 extension format which I have described in the section below.

Details About Poser Character Rigging File Type

This one also comes under CR2 file format and it is a 3D character data file. Poser is a 3D human modeling application that contains data about human figures and bones. That may also include where and how the bonds bend as well as information about morphs into our bodies. There are various programs that help you open the data file on your device.

For Windows computer, try to install one of these:

  • Smith Micro Poser 11
  • DAZ 3D DAZ Studio 4
  • Autodesk 3ds Max with PMorphTools
  • DAZ Productions Morph Designer

For the Mac computer, try one of these applications:

  • Smith Micro Poser 11
  • DAZ 3D DAZ Studio 4
  • Greenbriar Studio Custom 3D Tools

These are the applications that help you open the .cr2 file extension on your device. If you know about any other application, let us know in the comment box below.

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