Does your Google Chrome download directory consist of ‘.crdownload‘ extension files? No matter how many times you try to open the files normally by double-clicking, you are not going to get the access. Wondering what can be the solution? Well you have come to the right place, here in this article we are going to share how to open CRDOWNLOAD files

Information about cr Download File

You might be thinking .crdownload file is a malware that forms as your download file. We assure you just it is not a malware or trojan file. A CRDOWNLOAD file is an incomplete download file, created by your Google Chrome browser. When the download is incomplete, Google Chrome saves the file with ‘.crdownload’ extension. Now you are wondering why Chrome creates those types of files? And why are those files not accessible?

 Sometimes while you are downloading a large file, many things can happen like as the system broke down, poor internet connection. So the Google Chrome browser creates it because Chrome can resume the downloading file and complete the download after all the problems are resolved and the files can serve their purposes. Now, you are downloading a game from the web. And your download is not completed. 

However, you got to access your half download file. So what would you do with your half downloaded game! A computer game is made with a bunch of codes, so the half downloaded games are equal to a trash file. That’s the reason Chrome denies giving you access to your half download file. 

But if it is a video or mp3 file, you can open or enjoy your half downloaded media file. Let’s get to know the process of opening a download file.

How to open the CRDOWNLOAD file?

  1. Firstly, Open your chrome web browser Downloads folder and locate the ‘.crdownload’ extension file you need to open.
  2. After that, right-click and select the Rename option.
  3. Then, remove the ‘.crdownload’ extension and save the file with its original name.
  4. Now, please select the file, right-click on it and choose the open with option.
  5. In the end, select the compatible apps that can open or run the file. 
  6. For Example: If your file is MP3 format goes with the Windows media player or if the file type is AVI format chose a video player like VLC media player.

Note: Remember that, Images, documents, or any computer software files will open with this method.

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