Are you having problems opening .ICS File Extension on your computer? Worry not, I have solutions that can help you view a .ICS extension on whichever device you are using. But before we talk about how to open an ice file, we will get to know this file more accurately. So, check out the entire post and find out how.

How to Open.ICS File Extension

What is an ICS File?

There are so many types of files on the internet and an ICS is all about calendar and dates. It is a universal calendar format that you can use on various email programs like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc. The ICS file helps you share calendar information on the internet and over various email clients. Most of the times, people send an .ICS file to other users as an invitation to their private meetings. That means if I send an ICS file to you, you can import it to your email client and import the events to your own calendar.

These .ics files contain plain text along with the title, summary, start and end time of the event and other similar information. Moreover, this format also supports event updates as well as cancelations of events. And if you want, you can convert your ICS file to other file formats like .CSV, .PDF, .XLSX, and .HTML.

How to Open a .ICS File?

You can use the ICS File Converter web program to convert your ics file to some other file format. But there are some cool applications available on the internet that would help you opening a .ICS file extension on your computer.

Windows Programs

  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Mozilla Lightning

Mac Programs

  • Apple Calendar
  • Mozilla Lightning

Linux Programs

  • Mozilla Lightning
  • Horde Kronolith
  • Claws Mail with vCalendar plugin

You can actually open a .ICS file using an online cloud service like Google Calendar or ICS File Converter. However, there are two more types of .ICS associations available on the internet. And we will talk about them too in the section below.

IronCAD 3D Drawing File- .ICS File Extension 2

The IronCAD 3D Drawing File is a three-dimensional model or scene that developers create with the IronCAD. The IronCAD is a 3D CAD program and the file we are talking about, usually contains multiple 3D objects. These may include colors, textures, lighting effects, and animation data.

If there is an iCalendar file association at the end of the ics file, then the default program for that particular file is MS Outlook or similar. Just right-click on the file and click on “Open With…” to select the IronCAD application.

File Extension 3- IC Recorder Sound File

This is an audio file that is created by a Sony IC recorder. People use this device to record audios such as voice audios, etc. These devices are helpful in legal and forensic activities as well as for personal stuff.

You can play these audios using the Sony Digital Voice Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player with Sony Player Plug-in. Do you know anything more about the ICS file extension? Let us know in the comment box below.

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