What is a PDF file?

In the year 1990 PDF was created by Adobe to achieve two factors. In the 90s file, the transfer is not an easy task for the users but the Adobe creation was made that simple for the users. The tech giant Adobe’s first aim was that people can open any documents on any computer without having that particular software. The second factor was that peoples can receive their documents in the same formats.

 A PDF file can store this type of data’s in it and without losing the format and the quality

Image files

  • Forms
  • Image files
  • Text documents
  • URL’s and Hyperlinks 
  • Navigation buttons of the document
  • Video Files

How to open a PDF file?

Nowadays, who has a computer or use is it for their business purposes, they know about the PDF file extension. more or less every one used it at least once. There are several apps that can open PDf files that are available on the web. Moreover, Adobe’s Acrobat is one of the best apps to open a PDF file. However, these days technologies are advancing, so there are several web browsers added a built-in feature that can open a PDf file. 

Open a pdf file using your web browser

If you do not have any PDF viewer application on your system then you use your Web Browser. The web browsers are capable enough to do that. Below we have mentioned steps to open your PDF file using  your web browser,

  • Firstly, select your PDF  file
  • Then, Right-click on that 
  • Now, From the list select ‘Open With’ option
  • Now, select your web browser.
  • Finally, You can view your PDF file.

Note-If are using a mac these steps are  similar

Use Adobe acrobat reader to open your pdf file:

An official PDF file opening application is Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. Sins long-time  Adobe provided acrobats free versions for their users. If your goal is just viewing the data of the PDF file you can use that without any hassle, but if your requirements are recreating or edit a  PDF file you need to purchase Adobes premium version software, also third party applications do the same, you can view the PDF file but can to edit the file, for editing the PDF file you need to purchase the premium version of the software.

  • At first, Download and Install Adobe’s acrobat reader from the Adobe’s official website
  • After that, locate and select your PDF file
  • Then, Right-click on that and select ‘Open with’ option
  • Now, Chose Adobe’s Acrobat reader option to view your pdf file.

Note- If you have not used this application before on your system this is a one-time method. After that, simply locate your PDF file and double click on it and you can view your PDF file.

As we mentioned before, this is Adobe’s Creation if you want to know more you can visit Adobe’s official site. 

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