If you use the printer to print documents, you need to know about the PRN file extension. This file extension instructs your printer how to print a document so that the job can be done easily. Today in this post, we are going to talk about the .PRN file extension on your computer.

Easy Ways to Open a.PRN File Extension

Information About the .PRN File Extension

When you are going to print something from your computer, your printer driver will create a prn file. This file will contain the content you are going to print. It will also include paper size, a number of pages you want to print, as well as the printer tray information, will be there in the file extension. When you try to print something on your Mac or Windows computer, your printer dialogue box will show you a “Print to File” option. When you select that option, your system creates a PRN file. These files are so much like PostScript (.PS) files.

If you want to print this file type in your Windows, right-click on that file and simply click on “Microsoft Office Document Imaging”. If you want to print the file on your Mac device, drag it to the desktop printer icon. There are only a few versions of Microsoft Office Document Imaging that allows this PRN file format. You can also use your Run box in Windows to open these files. And to do so, press the Windows and R buttons together. And then type cmd in the run box. Have a look at the steps below to know how to open a PRN file extension in Windows-

  1. If you have connected the printer through a USB cable, type COPY /B [filename.prn] \[Computer Name][Shared Printer Name]
  2. If you have connected the printer through older parallel port connection, type COPY /B [filename.prn] LPT1:

While typing these commands on your command prompt, avoid including the brackets. The best thing is that, if you can’t open the file as PRN extension, you can rename it to .XPS. And then use suitable applications to open the XPS file on your device. To open an XPS file, you can use Microsoft XPS Viewer. Simply right-click on the prn file and change the extension name to xps. You can also try to open your prn file with your normal text editor like Microsoft Notepad. But the file that contains these text will be printed as normal texts. These will contain printing instructions as codes and you cannot modify them. If you try to do so, you may see some printing errors.

Details ABout .PRN File Association 2

This PRN extension is a file that Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet software uses and it contains a currently-active sheet. This text comes in a normal texting format and the Lotus software uses it to create spreadsheet data. You can later use those data to import them into other programs like Microsoft Excel. If you are trying to open the PRN extension file type two, use the following software-

Use these for Windows and Mac both device

  • IBM Lotus 1-2-3
  • Microsoft Excel 2019

Open PRN File Type One On Windows Using These Tools

  • ACD Systems Canvas X 2019
  • AllWeb FastPrint
  • Microsoft Windows Command Prompt
  • Free Raw Print (FRP)
  • Compatible printer driver that can interpret PRN files

Use These Tools to Open PRN Files on Mac

  • Drag to Desktop Printer icon
  • Compatible printer driver that can interpret PRN files

These are all I knew about the two types.PRN extensions. Do you have any additional knowledge about what tools we can use to open these files? Let us know in the comment box below.

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