Are you having issues with opening a file that has a ‘.smf‘ extension? Such files are supported by certain applications. If you can not view your SMF file’s data, it might have a corrupted SMF file or you do not have the proper application to open it. To know about the SMF file extension, read this article to know more about the file format.

What is the SMF file?

SMF files contain audio data formats with the effects and this file format similar to the MID extension that stores the same functionalities and technologies as the SMF file. Not only the audio formats, but also there are some other data types that store their data in the SMF formats. But the Apple Quicktime application can be played the audio format of the SMF file and there are multiple software available applications available that can run the SMF files on the Windows System. During the creation of the SMF extension, the MIDI developer association included the MIDI feature and the functionalities in the SMF files. That means an SMF file can store the multiple audio tracks in it. This also means the SMF file audio tracks can be converted into the popular extension and it can be played with the multiple digital audio players or used in the presentation of the document. So, users have the freedom to edit the audio tracks separately without combining them. 

Note: MIDI is a  part of the audio files and is designed for recording and playing the audio files on the multiple digital media player. 

How to open an SMF file?

Locate your SMF file on your computer and double click on it. If your file is linked with the software, the associated software application opens it without any error. But if the software application is not present on your computer, It is possible that you have to download or purchase the SMF file compatible software. However, it is also possible, you have the perfect software for your file format on your computer, but your windows can not use that software to open it. In that case, you can choose the preferred software application on your system. 

Follow these simple steps to do that.

  • Firstly Select your SMF file 
  • Now, right-click on that
  • Then click the ‘Open with’ option
  • After that, Select your software application that suits your SMF file
  • Finally, you can access your SMF files 

Open SMF file using the Apple Quick Time Player:

As we know  SMF files store music files in it, so you can use the  QuickTime Player for opening the SMF files. You can use this software in the MAC OS as well as Windows computers. We know that an Apple software application does not support Windows PC’s but some exceptions are available, QuickTime Player is one of them. And not only the SMF file, but it also supports other media files like MP3, OGG, WAV, etc. If you are in a hurry, download and install the Apple QuickTime Player and open your SMF file in just no time.

In conclusion

Standard Midi Files can be opened using QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player and can be created with Digital Sequencing applications such as Cubase, Digital Performer, and Sonar.

If you can not open the file, it might be possible the SMF file is corrupted. We recommended that you can redownload the SMF file and try to reopen it. That’s it, folks. If you have any other query related to the SMF file, comment down below.

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