Do you have a .VCF File Extension on your computer that you are trying to open? Here I have shared all the tips that you need to know about opening a .VCF File. So, check out the post and know everything you didn’t know about a VCF file extension.

How Do You Open a .VCF File Extension

What Do You Know About the .VCF File Extension?

The .VCF File format stores contact information of individuals and businesses. And this file extension may include the name of the individual, address, phone number, email address, and similar contact info. Some VCF files may also include custom fields, other media types, and images.

Professionals and developers use the file format to import and export contacts data within the address book inside your phone. You can also attach these files and send them as e-mail messages to your recipients. Moreover, if you want to import the contact information of the sender, this file format will help you do that in a quick manner.

.VCF File Extension

There is an in-built Windows contacts program that helps you open vCards on your computer. If you are running Mac OS, you can open vCards with the Contacts application. If you are using iPod or iPhone, you can load the vCards directly into your device’s Contacts app. And if you are using Android, you can use your contacts app to load vCards.

You can save the .XLS or .XLSX files as .CSV files in the Microsoft Excel format as .CSV files. You can then convert these files to the VCF format using various online converters. If you want to read what’s written in the VCF file, use plain text editing apps. However, sometimes the VCF file extensions contain binary data which professionals use to store images.

You can still use these Windows applications to open the .VCF extension on your computer.

  • Microsoft Windows Contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Palm Desktop
  • Beiley Handy Address Book
  • Fonlow IT Open Contacts
  • vCardOrganizer
  • Nokia PC Suite

If you are running the Mac OS, these applications may help-

  • Apple Contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Palm Desktop
  • vCardExplorer

You can use the AndroLd Contacts VCF program on your Android phone to open the VCF file. But if you don’t want to install any application at all, try the web service FreshBooks.

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