Are you having difficulties opening a file with the ‘.wlx’ file extension name? Nothing to worry, since you have come to the right place! Here in this article,  we are going to talk about all the necessary steps you must know to open an XML file on your system.

It’s better to learn what exactly the XML file is before going into the details of opening the file.

What is the WLX file? 

The WLX file is associated with Microsoft Corporation’s software ‘Live Mesh’. The live mesh software can access files from the remote and local computers, it can replace and change the file’s data from one to another computer with the automatic updates. In simple words, this is the file synchronization to one computer to another computer but it is not done yet. However, you can see another extension with the WLX extension.

Example: Basically WLX files created because of the file synchronization. When a myphoto.jpg file needs to be transferred from a remote location by synchronization, Microsoft’s Live Mesh adds a ‘.wlx’ extension in the file suffix. In the local directory, the file name carries a temporary file extension like myphoto.jpg.wlx. After the computer successfully completes the synchronization step, Live Mesh automatically removes the ‘.wlx’ file extension.

How to open the WLX file?

Most of the time WLX file will open automatically after the synchronization is completed. If the synchronization was not successfully completed the file will remain the ‘.wlx’ extension. And you can’t open this file type as a regular file by double-clicking on it. If you double click on it your windows operate will show a pop-up message”Windows can not open this file”. 

Open WLX file using the File Maker Pro

So you have to use a third-party application like file maker pro to open your WLX file. You can simply purchase or download for your windows or mac operating system. After downloading the File maker pro software you need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Select your WLX file and right-click on it
  • Then, click the ‘Open With’ option 
  • Now, choose the File Maker pro from the list
  • Finally, your file will be open in your computer and you can access the file data

If the WLX file is not associated with Microsoft’s Live Mesh synchronization process the file will not be open. 

In conclusion

The WLX file type is primarily associated with ‘Live Mesh’ by Microsoft Corporation. The .WLX file indicates synchronization is taking place but is not yet complete. Often you will see a double extension with the actual file’s extension coming before the .WLX extension. Still can’t access the WLX files, I would suggest you post the issue in the below comment section.

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