Are you having difficulties opening a file with a ‘.xml’ extension name? Nothing to worry about since you have come to the right place! Here in this article, we are going to talk about all the necessary steps you must know to open an XML file on your system.

It’s better to learn what exactly the XML file is before going into the details of opening the file.

What is the XML file?

XML is a file format of the Extensible Markup language file. Those XML files are a simple text file, but it is capable of describing the details related to storage information, transportation, and the structure of the particular file.

The most common example of an XML file is RSS feeds.

However, there are some exceptions such as a video project by Cinelerra(Cinelerra a video editing program) that creates XML based video files. The Cinelerra creates XML files to store video edit related information like past editing information and file location path.

An XML file is similar to HTML(HyperText Transfer Protocol, which is used for web development projects) language. Both the HTML and XML files carry the markup symbols to describe a page or file data.

Most common ways to open an XML file

Open an XML file Using a text editor

XML files contain plain text files. Therefore you can open and edit your XML file using your Windows Notepad. This is the easiest and method that you can apply to view an XML file. Follow the steps mentioned below to open an XML File on your PC,

  • At first, locate your file with .xml extension name
  • Now, select your XML file
  • Then, right-click on the XML file  and choose ‘Open With’ button and you will see a list of application
  • Now, select the ‘Notepad’ text editor application from the list
  • (If you have the latest version of the Notepad you can use that too)
  • Finally, you can see your XML file data. 

Open a XML file using XML viewer application:

If you want to open an XML file without any hassle, We suggest you download an XML file viewer. You can purchase or download an XML viewer file from the web, So, you can use both versions of the software to open the .xml file.  The most common XML editor is XML Explorer.

Now Start with the steps:

  • At first, Download the XML Explorer cum viewer Application on your system
  • Then, Launch the application as the system administrator
  • Now, in the XML editor open file menu and click the “Open” button or use your Keyboard press ‘Ctrl+O’ button
  • After that, select your XML file using the Windows file viewer
  • Finally, you can read your XML file. 

Open XML file using Microsoft Excel

If You are using the Microsoft office product package, you can use that as well for opening an XML file. Below we have mentioned the steps on how to open an XML file using Microsoft Excel.

Note: Microsoft excel program convert your XML file into a table

  • Firstly, Open start menu on windows and search for Microsoft Office Excel then open
  • After that, click on the windows icon on the Excel application and hit the ‘Open’ button
  • Next, click on the ‘Browse’ button
  • After that, Select your XML file and click the drop-down menu beside your ‘open’ button
  • Then, from the pop-up window select the ‘As an XML’ table option and hit the ‘Ok’ Button
  • Finally, you can read your XML file.

If you don’t find the above two options suitable, we have got another for you. You can use your browser to open XML files.

Use your web browser to open An XML file

You might be thinking ‘ why should I go with a web browser?’ Because a web browser is made with a bunch of codes and it supports almost all the file types. So you can use it as an XML viewer but not as an editor. 

  • At first, locate the XML file that you want to open 
  • Then, right-click on the XML file and hit the ‘Open With’ tab 
  • Now, select your latest version of the browser
  • Finally, two tabs are opening on your browser, a tab open with a warning another tab brings your XML files data. ( for better experience adjust your browser zoom)

In conclusion

The XML file format is mostly used after the tech giant Microsoft is using the XML file format in their office version 2007. So  Microsoft has full details about the XML file on their official website. If you have any questions about your XML file, let us know in the comment box below.

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