When you are dealing with a .XPS file on your computer, this is the best place to resolve your doubts. I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the .XPSFile Extension on your computer. So, keep reading this post and let’s know about this file format deeply.

All You Need to Know About .XPS File Extension

What Do We Mean by .XPSFile Extension

These XPS file documents are all about some fixed page layout information and what makes it an XPS document is its page format. The fixed page layout information that it contains, are written in the XPS page description language. This information describes the page layout, appearance, as well as printing information of the certain document. So, in a way, you can tell that these .xps extension files are similar to .PDF files. But the only difference between a pdf file and XPS file is that the XPS files are based on Microsoft’s proprietary XPS format.

The XPS files are there to protect the data of your original files. And users can easily view or share these files. You will find a wide variety of Windows applications that will help you save or view these types of files. Moreover, you can also create and use an XPS file with those programs. There is this XPS viewer software that you can use to view or sign these files but once you save information in this format, there is no way you can edit that data.

More About XPS Format

The XPS is a replacement format for Enhanced Metafile (.EMF) which is so much like a pdf file but contains PostScript language. The easiest way to create an XPS file is by opting for Microsoft XPS Document Writer when you are about to print a document. There is an in-built tool in Windows, Microsoft’s XPS Viewer. It lets you open the file on your device and you can find it in your Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 operating system. You can also be able to open the file with Internet Explorer 6 or its newer versions. If you want to view an XPS file on your Windows XP, download the XPS Essentials Pack directly from the Microsoft website.

Programs that Open XPS Files

There are plenty of Windows and Mac programs that help you view the XPS file extensions. Here I have mentioned the ones I know.

  • Microsoft XPS Viewer
  • Nuance Power PDF Standard
  • Dolphin Futures XPS Viewer
  • Pagemark XpsConvert
  • Mozilla Firefox with Pagemark XpsPlugin
  • XPS Annotator
  • NiXPS View
  • NiXPS Edit

When you are using a Mac computer, you can install one of the applications I have given below to open an XPS file on your computer.

  • Nuance Power PDF Standard for Mac
  • Apple Safari with Pagemark XpsPlugin
  • Mozilla Firefox with Pagemark XpsPlugin
  • NiXPS View
  • NiXPS Edit

However, if your operating system is Linux, you can use one of these-

  • Mozilla Firefox with Pagemark XpsPlugin
  • KDE Okular
  • MuPDF

And to open the file on your Android computer, simply use File Viewer for Android.

These applications help you open the XPS file extension in an easy way on your device. However, there can be many other programs I am not known of. So, let us know in the comment box below which software you use to open a .xps file extension.

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